Refugees in Art and Religion

Children from Grasmere CE Primary School have created an artistic response to Arabella's installation artwork 'Flight' that has gone on display in the village's St Oswald's Parish Church.

School head teacher Jo Goode said the pupils had 'felt terribly moved' by the plight of the refugees, particularly the displaced and unaccompanied children.

"We looked together at many artists’ work, and the children were particularly touched by three pieces: The Lampedusa Cross obtained by The British Museum, the Aleppo crosses in St Paul’s Cathedral, and an installation called Flight in St James, Piccadilly," said Ms Goode. “Flight, is made up of three installations, by war artist Arabella Dorman, and focuses on an upturned boat held above the nave of St James’ Piccadilly.

"The inflatable dingy was found at a beach on Lesbos, near the coast with Turkey. It was used to transport 62 refugees across the choppy Aegean Sea, despite being designed to carry a maximum of 15 people.

"Attached to the vessel are three cheap buoyancy vests – two adult and one child – which are attached as if they are sinking into the deep cold sea.

"Our children have safety and hope for the future. A boat can be a symbol of that hope. So the children’s installation is also a boat, but theirs is carrying their hopes, prayers and wishes for the refugee children. Accompanying it is a sound installation."