Delivering the Church address during Refugee Week

"Close your eyes and imagine being a refugee..."

Speaking to Thomas's Battersea about World Refugee Week.

AD World Refugee Day - Thomas's June 2019 .jpg

"Thank you so very much for your brilliant and inspirational talk in church. You pitched it perfectly, with poignancy and power. There is no doubt that everyone who heard you will have left a little wiser, a little sadder, and a little more aware of the need for them to act themselves in order that we all might make a positive difference. Your work is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it with us"

- Simon O'Malley, Headmaster at Thomas's Battersea
"There has been a serendipitous triangulation of events when Arabella Dorman spoke to us all about the work she has done with refugees and the mass migration of people (children and adults) that is such a tragedy in our world today. She also spoke of the significance and poignancy of her installation art work, A Shared Future, which is a theme we have picked up so strongly this year."

- Thomas's Bulletin

"What a truly wonderful talk you gave to the children today… so perfectly pitched for middle school, and an amazing reminder for the parents too. really incredible. Bravo."

- Alicia, Thomas's parent


These were the opening words of my talk at the British Embassy Paris. It was a privilege to speak in such historic and elegant surrounds, and to such a great audience.

"Needless to say, I was utterly blown away by your passion & commitment to such important topics & love how you use your art truly for the betterment of humanity. I left feeling inspired & uplifted."

- Jane, Documentary maker