Holy Week and Easter at Canterbury Cathedral

Arabella art installation Suspended will hang from the Nave roof throughout Canterbury Cathedral's observance of Holy Week and Easter this year. Made up of hundreds of items of clothing discarded by refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos and in the French port of Calais, evocative and poignant, Suspended recalls us to the Passiontide themes of loss and desolation that grip the world, and yet still offers us the hope that was made real for the first disciples of Jesus in their glimpse of his empty tomb – and his discarded graveclothes. 

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Suspended launches in Canterbury Cathedral

Suspended will be on exhibit at Canterbury Cathedral from 23rd February - 16th May.

Suspended: Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 16th January: Suspended, In Search of Light
6-8pm. Private View and Talk by Arabella at St James's Church, Piccadilly. 
Tickets cost £10 and are available here

Wednesday 24th January: Lecture and book signing with author Paul-Gordon Chandler
6.30pm. ‘Kahlil Gibran: An Unparalleled Spiritual Guide for Our Times’
Booking details here

Saturday 27th January: ‘Syria’s Disappeared’
7.00pm. Screening of a 50 minute Channel 4 documentary telling the hidden story of tens of thousands of men, women and children disappeared by the Syrian regime into a network of clandestine detention centres. Followed by a Q&A with the director Sara Afshar.
Booking details here

Thursday 8th February: An Evening of Words and Music
7.30pm. The evening will feature contributions from musicians and speakers from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions.
Tickets cost £12-£15 and are available here

Suspended: In Search of Light 

A Private View and Talk
Arabella Dorman

Tuesday 16th January
6 - 8 pm

St James's Church, 

Arabella Dorman will talk about her work as a British war artist for over a decade, from her experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza to the creation of Flight and Suspended. 

Tickets £10 

Proceeds will be donated to Starfish Foundation, an NGO working in Lesbos to aid refugees, specifically focusing on children.

Arabella's new installation artwork 'Suspended'

An installation artwork, by Arabella Dorman

St James's Church, Piccadilly
14th December 2017 - 9th February 2018

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Suspended is an installation artwork created out of hundreds of items of clothing that have been discarded by refugees arriving on the beaches of Lesbos, having recently fled war, persecution and poverty.

Suspended hangs above the nave of St James's Piccadilly and follows on from Arabella's critically acclaimed work Flight, which hung in St James's over the Christmas period in 2015/16. It forms part of her ongoing series of works seeking to highlight the humanitarian crisis of forced displacement across the world today.

Suspended looks to reflect the experience of the thousands of refugees who now remain stuck in limbo between a lost past and an uncertain future. The use of children's clothing in particular, asks for an engagement with the current plight of unaccompanied minors, who face the very real risk of human trafficking, slavery and radicalisation.

As we approach the festive season, Arabella's new installation invites the viewer to embark upon their own journey of understanding and empathy, for the rootless and volatile experience of those caught between a past to which they cannot return, and a future to which they cannot move forward.

Suspended is a fundraising initiative for the Starfish Foundation, helping refugee children and families in Lesbos and beyond.

Back to the Middle East

My thanks to St John's Eye Hospital for their generous hospitality and support in enabling me to work with them in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. This trip marks the beginning of a new body of work that will explore memory, displacement and hope across the region.