"I feel I must thank you for making the journey down to darkest Cornwall to deliver such an inspiring talk. It must be extremely rare to find someone who combines the talents of a great artist with those of a stimulating speaker."

Hugo White, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

"People here have been thrilled and moved by your remarkable body of work and by its message. You definitely graced John Wosley's pulpit in a manner that was ? and ?. The word ordination entered my mind! But I quickly realised that you best serve God and humanity, where you are and as you are."

Father Kevin Bell, All Hallows Church, Twickenham

"I looked solidly through Before the Dawn and it moved me to tears - your words and your paintings are unbelievably moving... I just adore your work."

Sarah Vey

"We were absolutely riveted by your talk. Your vivid description of being on the front line, the moving stories behind your subjects and, of course, the art itself, provided us with a real insight into your role as a war artist. We came away appreciating the important part that you and other artists play in the documentation of war, capturing a depth of emotion in your subjects that is impossible through the one-dimensional image of a photograph. Although you make light of it, the risks you have obviously taken and the true empathy you have for others was not lost on us. The number of questions at the end was also a true reflection of an engaged and fascinated audience."

Kate Mastin-Lee, St Mary's Calne