"Thank you so very much for your brilliant and inspirational talk in church. You pitched it perfectly, with poignancy and power. There is no doubt that everyone who heard you will have left a little wiser, a little sadder, and a little more aware of the need for them to act themselves in order that we all might make a positive difference. Your work is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it with us" - Simon O’Malley, Headmaster at Thomas’s Battersea

“Needless to say, I was utterly blown away by your passion & commitment to such important topics & love how you use your art truly for the betterment of humanity. I left feeling inspired & uplifted; hopefully we can make a film together.” - Jane, Documentary film maker

"What a truly wonderful talk you gave to the children today… so perfectly pitched for middle school, and an amazing reminder for the parents too. really incredible. Bravo." - Alicia, parent at Thomas’s Battersea

“Although heart rending at times, your talk was also very thought provoking and enchanting at times. I thank you for that as well as having agreed to talk in the first place, for someone you had never heard of. I know you have spoken a great deal and are well versed in how to gauge a room but after the week you had, I am even more grateful. Age Unlimited could not do anything without the help of people like you.” - Henrietta Nettlefold, Age Unlimited

“Thank you  for last night's moving and very inspiring talk. I think many of us were emotional about the things you said. You spoke so well about the need for all of us to connect to the stories of those on the other side of the world and put ourselves in their position. As someone who is of Indian-origin, African-born and who was raised in the UK, this resonated deeply. As you said, the plight of these refugees could have been the fate of any one of us.” - Edna Fernandes, Co-founder of Beyond Conflict

“The feedback from my students was that it was inspirational & it was amazing. So often they are so tired by 8pm but it was great to see them so in awe of what they had heard. We had a great discussion over milk & biscuits on return.” - Year 7 Headmistress, Tudor Hall School

“Not only are you an amazing person, artist, speaker and scribbler, but you have provided us all with an everlasting gift of the two brilliant portraits of Anthony that everyone has commented on so favourably… even some of my artistically discriminating friends!” - Vicki

“We are delighted with all Suspended has brought and have been changed by the presence of the hundreds of people the piece carried into our midst through the clothing they had worn. We miss them. 
Working with you has been a delight and you sit in the hearts of all who heard you and were part of all that happened.  The cathedral welcomers and City of Sanctuary volunteer ambassadors are your biggest fans! Your installation and grace have defined my year and truly blessed me -thank you.” - Canon Karen Rooms, Leicester Cathedral 

“We have got the portraits back from the framers and they are absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much. You have absolutely captured them both, and they look fantastic up in our house.” - Tim

"Just a quick note to say what an amazing talk you gave this evening.  You are such an eloquent speaker and what you said was fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time." - Anna

"Last night's talk was quite extraordinary and has left a profound impression on me. You have a remarkable talent with your art but more than that you have a power to communicate which really resonates. Like the Spanish father who was talking to you at the end, I too have heard many accomplished speakers with powerful messages but yours is special and I really hope you are able to speak it far and wide. I hope that, in some small way, we can be your lighthouses. The installation will certainly act as a beacon of light for the children. We must ensure that we find the right vocabulary and tone to communicate its power properly. Please let me know if there is anything, specifically, that you need but I know that you are already in touch with Elliott so all is probably in hand. It must be hard to stand up and repeat the harrowing accounts you have witnessed but in doing so you are shining light into the darkness and the world can become brighter as a result." - Simon O'Malley, Headmaster at Thomas's Battersea

"I must wanted to add my thanks and admiration for your the exceptional quality in every way of your talk on Monday. It was so honest, eloquent, talented, moving and challenging as to be quite remarkable. Thank you so much for it. " - Tobyn Thomas, Principal, Thomas's Battersea

"Its been very humbling to watch people engage with the piece – and there have been many tears... It is a privilege to have your work in our Cathedral to engage the public in such a strong way." - Revd Canon Karen Rooms, Leicester Cathedral

"You truly are astounding!  Mind blowing!  A walking wonder.  Every single time I hear you speak, I’m gripped - hanging on every word.  As a portrait artist you are incredible, as a war artist - astonishing, as a humanitarian - exceptional and as a speaker you are gifted!  As a fellow school mum, you are always such a joy to spend time with - you are so down to earth and humble - it’s remarkable and at the same time, extraordinarily lovely. I have endless admiration for you.  My words are completely inadequate. A phenomenally moving talk this evening!   Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Victoria

"Congratulations on your work this year, I am truly impressed. The conversation piece of Gallia and the children is a serious painting, the composition is SO good and as we both know that is the key. I love the flow and the lost and found background. It looks marvellous in situ and you have guided Gallia into buying a fabulous frame. Well done indeed on a great commission." Dione

"Thank you so much for producing such a beautiful portrait - and making the whole experience so enjoyable." Chantal

"I was overwhelmed by your paintings, they are superb and very moving. The pictures are all so alive; the soldiers faces., their expressions. Their eyes are all totally believable." Daryl

"I do admire you for what you have done and what you have created. How lucky we, as military men, are to witness such a record of a place and people that we hold so dear." George

"People see my personality and characteristic physical presence and like it very much. I am in awe of your talent" Clarissa Farr, High Mistress, St Paul's Girls' School

"Since your books Before the Dawn and Drawing Fire arrived, I have been encapsulated by them both and in only the first few hours at Phoenix House they found resonance with a large number of people. Your portraits of the guys and paintings of them in various situations are so true. You have caught the stoicism, the courage, the loyalty in their eyes. It is almost like being next to them. They are a unique breed and looking at your work one feels that. The sensitivity in your paintings and in your heartfelt words show unique understanding of the people and circumstances you portray. We are fortunate to have your genius to depict such important work." Diana

"A simple email to say thank you for your remarkable talk and your even more remarkable work of Suspended which speaks for itself. I sat at the back in wonder of your talents and left hearing your tears and plea to look for the good in everything and everyone.  Thank you for it." Tobyn Thomas, Principal, Thomas's London Day Schools

"I just wanted to tell you how your installation 'Suspended' has personally blessed me and my ministry. I noticed the article in Church Times and was fascinated. I made a visit to your church on Saturday and preached about it last night." Andrew Hutchinson, Chaplain at Solihull School in the West Midlands

"Last night's reception was incredible - thank you again for including us. We are very excited to be working with you" Leigh Daynes, Executive Director, Doctors of the World

"You have organised 2 outstanding evenings at St James's and last night's concert was fantastic! What an amazing choice of music performed by so many talented artists." Tara

"Just seen today's Guardian and your installation at St. James's - wonderful - full applause from me" Canon Robin Burch

"I am writing to say I stand in awe of 'Flight'. It is one of those moments when immeasurable complexity, infinite pain and indefatigable hope are crystallised in a single experience. It is heart stopping, heart breaking and heart warming all in one go. It is an act of bearing witness in the list complete way imaginable. Furthermore, your words were exquisite - painful and poignant in their perfection. I am humbled in front of your courage, creativity and grace."

"What an excellent evening it was, you spoke brilliantly, I loved the Afghani music, I felt for a second I was in another world." Clemy

"Last night was really moving and thought provoking. It was an extraordinary night." Lucy 

"Warmest congratulations on a really moving and heartfelt evening. The programme was diverse but with every piece being extremely heartfelt and thought-provoking and throughout the evening the presence of your work interacting with the thoughts and emotions created by music and poetry, inspiring and encouraging further reflection." Sarah

"The installation was sensational and the image of it with the light rippling like water is an image we are never likely to forget. Your 'piece' hit the right note precisely and would have silenced the less committed and uplifted those of us who care." Lucy

"What a fantastic body of work - really inspiring and demonstrating so much of your Afghan experience." John and Fiona

"I congratulate you again on your remarkable series of paintings done in Afghanistan. You have caught the light and the people so skilfully and have done great honour to both the actions and the sacrifices of our soldiers there." Bill

"With great sensitivity and compassion and skill as an artist, you've depicted the character and plight of both the Afghan people and the beautiful country - and our courageous young army boys too." The Old East Manse

"I really enjoyed seeing your work. It was quite astonishing not only to have seen how prolific you have been but more importantly, what you have brought to the understanding of the conflict in Afghanistan. An amazing and insightful range of work and what a body of experience you must also have amassed." Andrew 

"Many congratulations on your wonderful exhibition. Quite amazing and very brave. The lovely scenes of the Afghan landscapes were quite stunning and the faces of the Afghan children and women quite beautiful! The speeches were fascinating and you were great." Mrs Hackman

"What an achievement to have put together such a wonderful collection of life and war in Afghanistan - you could tell that you really got the country and the people under your skin." Tessa

"Congratulations on a truly impressive exhibition. The subject is gritty and you are immensely brave to tackle it in person and in paint." Dione

"We enjoyed the evening enormously and I can't tell you how amazing I think your works of art are - they are truly stunning, emotional and thought provoking and I so admire your guts and determination in being out, both in Iraq and Afghanistan."Diana

"Your talk on Friday night was so moving and touched everyone who heard it.   You are an excellent speaker and your images coupled with your words made a huge impression. Your talent is overwhelming." Caroline

"What a truly phenomenal talk you gave to everyone! I sat with my eyes brimming with tears through much of what you said, it was so truly moving.  You really are extraordinary in everything you do but what's most amazing, is just how humble, down to earth and incredibly lovely you are, despite producing THE most exceptional art and being an utterly outstanding speaker." Victoria

"Thank you for coming to talk at the Women of Dumfries & Galloway Lunch and for your mesmerising talk. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Everyone was wrapt - as much by your words as by your sensational paintings in every form from oil to watercolour. So moving." Victoria 

"Thank you so much for coming to the Club to talk to us about your time in Afghanistan and the work that went into 'Before the Dawn'. There was scarcely a dry eye in the house when the film finished, before you even stood to talk. And I do know that some very battle-hardened individuals were mightily moved. " Silver Screen

"What a truly phenomenal talk you gave to everyone! I sat with my eyes brimming with tears through much of what you said, it was so truly moving.  You really are extraordinary in everything you do but what's most amazing, is just how humble, down to earth and incredibly lovely you are, despite producing THE most exceptional art and being an utterly outstanding speaker.  Thank you for an amazingly inspiring start to the day." Victoria

"It was wonderful to meet you today and listen to your stories, which you delivered so extraordinarily well, to a captivated audience. It was emotional, awe inspiring, thought provoking but ultimately up lifting.  To be able to view your experiences through your eyes, reflected in your amazing artwork was a real honour and something which will stay with me and I'm sure many of the children, parents and teachers attending today, for a very long time. It was a perfect end to a wonderful series of lectures. Thank you for having the courage to do what you do and for agreeing to share these precious stories with us here at Thomas's." Anna Ainsworth, Thomas's Battersea